Precision Carton Filling.
All Day. Everyday.

The Ampelos produce carton filler is technology focused on one of the most time-intensive and costly functions of the modern pack house – getting trays of fresh produce into boxes ready for dispatch. Whilst saving on labor costs has been a significant driver of this technology, its efficiency, consistency and reliability is what is most impressive.

Watch the Ampelos produce carton filler in action below. Contact your local agent to find out what efficiencies this technology can deliver to your pack house.

Ampelos Fresh Produce Carton Filler

See the Ampelos carton filler in action below packing apples into cartons alongside the Aporo produce packer and find out how its technology can optimise your pack lines for better, bigger and faster output.

Key Features

Everything about the Ampelos Carton Filler has been designed with the end user in mind. From its ease of use, rapid deployment, redeployment and easy retrofit to existing pack house infrastructure.

aporo produce packer

Install with Ease

Whether a new build or a retrofit the Ampelos carton filler till install with ease. Designed with simple line integration in mind, Ampelos can be up and running in as little as 2 hours on an existing take off.


Designed with minimal downtime in mind, Ampelos requires one full service per year and a mid year inspection, providing you with the confidence of uptime. With minimal wear parts, Ampelos has been designed with practical simplicity at the forefront.

Simple Syncing

Ampelos needs to be able to be communicated with in a multitude of different ways, whether this is on the end of an existing drop or behind an automated tray filler such as the Aporo Produce Packer. Designed with plug and play in mind and an intuitive interface, Ampelos comes ready to hold hands up and down stream in most applications.


As our industry becomes increasingly automated, speed becomes king. The Ampelos carton filler can handle up to 15 trays per minute, all day, every day.