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The Aporo II produce packer is the latest iteration of the proven Aporo technology, designed to straddle double packing belts. Utilising the same proven technology, Aporo II is focused on one of the most labour intensive functions of the modern pack house – getting fruit into trays. Whilst saving on labor costs has been a significant driver of this technology, its efficiency, consistency and reliability is what is most impressive.

Watch the Aporo II produce packer in action below. Contact your local agent to find out what efficiencies this technology can deliver to your pack house.


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Download the full brochure for the Aporo II Robotic Produce Packer.

Key Features

Everything about the Aporo II Produce Packer has been designed with the end user in mind. From its ease of use, rapid deployment, redeployment and easy retrofit to existing pack house infrastructure.

aporo produce packer

Automated Infeed

Fully automated, vision assisted infeed regulates how much fruit is delivered from the source and manages product spread across the infeed to ensure it is arriving where it is needed to optimise output.


At only three meters long and dropping straight over existing packline take off’s, the Aporo is class leading technology


An incredibly intuitive touch screen interface provides packline operators with full visibility and easy adjustment depending on current demands


Designed specifically for optimised retrofit across most stand packline take off’s, straddling the existing conveyor and normally retrofitting into position in only a few hours


Remotely monitored by your services agent and easily maintained by inhouse staff, uptime is maintained at an industry leading benchmark


In optimal conditions the Aporo II packer can output up to 120 fruit per minute. When packing larger fruit, the fruit per minute reduces, however the box per minute rate holds true

The Aporo II Robotic Fresh Produce Packer

See the Aporo II produce packer in action packing apples below and find out how its technology can optimise your pack lines for better, bigger and faster output.