May 01, 2024

In 2021 GGV Independent Packers installed the Aporo II at their Shepperton facility to address labour challenges and allow a more competitive price in the global market.

Chris Georgopoulos married into the Zurcas family in the 1980’s aquiring his own orchards along the way and adding to the family’s capacity. These original family roots gave way to the addition of cool stores and subsequently GV Independant Packers was born, paving the way for more roles and opportunity for family to join the business. Today there are six family members across three generations working in the business and they continue to go from strength to strength.

In more recent times, challenges with access to labour were an increasing issue for Chris Georgopoulos, Managing Director at GV Independant Packers in Shepparton, Australia.

“We had to look for alternative solutions” says Chris, who goes on to explain that covid absenteeism and mounting wage costs were adding to their pain.
Chris also echoes a general industry sentiment that with so much uncertainty in horticulture and the economy in general, GV Independant Packers saw automation as an opportunity to reduce unforeseen future operating conditions. “There are a lot of things completely out of our control, so the things we can control we are homing in on”.
GV Independant Packers installed the Aporo II at their Shepparton facility in 2021 as a key step in taking control of the placing of their produce into trays, traditionally undertaken by labour.

What became quickly evident was the reliability around measuring performance. Chris explains that “performance was becoming very difficult to measure as people were away so much and being replaced with different experience levels. Having the Aporo II installed has given us the opportunity to measure performance more effectively and precisely”

The process of purchasing and installing the Aporo II was a smooth and headache free process working with the Australian agent, J-Tech Systems, according to Chris and his team. Tim Bond, Automation Sales Manager at J-Tech Systems agrees with Chris but adds “GV Independant Packers are excellent to work alongside. They were clear on their requirements and outcomes, and so all we had to do was deliver on our promises”

Overall, this project set out to reduce labour costs to allow a more competitive price in the global market and it delivered on this mission. “ With costs rising across all major input areas we need to make savings where we can”. The challenge for Australian exports is that it is not as simple as passing the cost increases through, because then we loose competitiveness in the market”.

“The Aporo II installation exceeded expectations reducing labour required to pack on a belt from six to two people, an amazing outcome “ Tim proudly states.

A happy customer and a happy agent is what underpins Global Pac Technologies success across the world.